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UV & Collagen Lamps

At TAN365 we can supply almost all UV and Collagen lamp ranges including Cosmedico, LightTech, Hereaus, Wolff, Sylvania.

Our own branded lamps are manufactured by both Cosmedico and LightTech.

The latest tanning lamps available are the Love D3 lamps that are a specialised range from Cosmedico - the range incorporates UV tanning at its maximum whilst remaining 0.3 compliant and anti-ageing redlight versions.

Our Love D3 tanning lamp range includes 0.3 lamps and collagen redlight lamps that are suitable for most commercial sunbeds.

Be assured, we will only supply you with a quality tanning lamp from reputable manufacturers.

Call us on 0161 929 6212 for competitive prices or simply for advice on which tanning lamps are suitable for your sunbeds.