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Sunbed Parts

Tokens and Token Boxes

Many tanning salons will configure their sunbeds to run for a certain time based on the insertion of a token in the token box. Tokens can be used as coins for this purpose, but you eliminate the cash handling costs, the risk, and customers can pay electronically and be given tokens in return.

Token boxes can normally be configured with various different sunbeds, and to run for configurable periods.

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Tmax Control System

The Tmax system can have a front desk control panel managing individual sunbed timer systems.

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Ignitors and Starters

Ignitors and starters are electrical components that provide a short peak voltage required to start sunbeds.

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Capacitors, Contactors & Ballasts

Capacitors and electrical components that store electric charge and can release it in a short burst. These are typically used as starters for sunbed systems.

A contactor is an electrical relay or switch, used to operate the electrical connection to high load equipment such as sunbeds.

An electrical ballast is a device that limits the current (Amps) through equipment with a high electrical load.

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These are the fittings that hold the sunlamp elements.

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